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 May 2011
Issue 12
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Matracell® Technology Shows Potential to Revolutionize Pediatric Cardiac Surgery

Focus on Quality

Preservon® Technology Eliminates Freezer Requirement and Saves Time in the OR

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Arthroflex® Offers High Performance Solution for Soft Tissue Repair

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National Donate Life Month-April 2011

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Allograft Bio-Implants Use in Spine Surgery

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American Association of Thoracic Surgeons Annual Meeting

May 7 - 11 Philadelphia, PA

Michelle Pickens Golf Tournament

June 18, 2011 Aeropines Golf Course NAS, Oceana, Virginia Beach, VA

Focus on Quality:

Preservon® Technology Eliminates Freezer Requirement and Saves Time in the OR

LifeNet Health's Preservon® technology is saving time, reducing costs and making life easier for hospital OR staff and surgeons. Preservon is an allograft bio-implant preservation technology that allows allograft bio-implants to be stored at ambient room temperature. This breakthrough technology is improving efficiency for surgical staff across the country by eliminating the need for freezers and rehydration.

Clients using allograft bio-implants with Preservon technology tell us they appreciate the ease, convenience and time they save in terms of storing, shipping and implanting allografts. With Preservon's ability to store allografts at ambient temperature, there's no more daily monitoring of freezer temperatures, concerns about power failures or costly shipping fees. Preservon-treated allografts are packaged in the same PETG tray you're already familiar with from the freeze-dried products you receive from LifeNet Health. But because they do not require the special handling of frozen goods, they are much more convenient and cost effective to ship and use. They can be stored anywhere and are easy to carry into the OR.

Because Preservon-treated allograft bio-implants are not freeze-dried, there is no need for the lengthy thawing and rehydration process, which saves time and money in the OR. Allograft bio-implants are stored in a fully hydrated state, requiring only a 30-second rinse prior to implantation. Acting as a humectant, Preservon maintains the moisture within the allograft, while also providing a bacteriostatic environment that prevents decay even at ambient temperature. The surgical staff can save valuable time on the back table and surgeons appreciate the flexibility that comes with choosing the implant size and style minutes before implantation.

In addition to convenience, speed and cost considerations, Preservon also gives you peace of mind. In tests conducted by LifeNet Health and third-party researchers, biomechanical, biocompatibility and osteoconductivity analysis have found the safety and performance of Preservon-treated allograft bio-implants comparable to frozen or freeze-dried preserved allografts.

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